When the Postal Owls Finally Bring Your Magic Wand

So a while ago, I had ordered myself a wooden magic wand from Heartwood Wands. I had contacted them directly because the kind of wand I wanted was sold out at that time, so they promised to make me a similar wand (their wands are all unique). I paid, was happy, got the delivery notification not soon afterwards, and then waited.

I knew it could take a while to arrive since shipping from the US to Germany can take ages, but at some point, life and everything had pushed the thoughts of my magic wand to the back of my mind. So imagine my surprise when the mailman handed a long-ish package with customs sticker to me today.

Once it dawned on me what that had to be, though, my excitement grew. And yes, I may have squeeked a little (okay, a lot) while opening it. MY WAND IS BREATHTAKING!

Magic Wand

(Just ignore the chaos on the table behind me, that’s my Latin stuff, mostly.)


League of Legends Cosplays

So shortly after I started playing League of Legends, I also started cosplaying. By now, I’ve cosplayed three different LoL champions: Secret Agend Xin Zhao, a female version of Twisted Fate (for the EU LCS Finals viewing party), and my own creation of Sinful Succulence Vi. The cosplays may not be perfect, but from what I’ve been told, the champions are recognisable, and that’s praise enough ^^ Plus, it has been great fun every time 🙂

The cats in the third photo are ours, and yes, they were trying to get into the donuts… 😉

I haven’t yet decided who I’ll cosplay next, but I still have two more wigs: a long purple one, and a long black one. Now if only I were more apt with crafting…