Book Showcase

I am a writer, and I have published quite a few books by now. I’ll showcase those that are currently available here.

At the moment, all books displayed here are available on Amazon only (this may or may not change in the future).

Miro the Dragon by Theresa Berg

Age recommendation: 4 – 8 years old

Content: 4 stories (approx. reading time each: 15 min.), 20 b/w illustrations

Miro is a tiny red dragon who lives in Drakonia, the magical land of dragons, where he goes to dragon school. There is one problem, though: Miro is afraid. He is afraid of flying, of water, of burning himself…in short, he can’t do anything that a real dragon should be able to do.

In the course of the first book, he finds new friends who help him overcome his fears, one by one. Book one is available in German, English, and Mandarin Chinese, and both in print and as an ebook (exception: The Mandarin Chinese edition is currently only available in print as Amazon doesn’t allow ebooks in this language).

Miro the Dragon

Miro der Drache

Miro the Dragon (Mandarin Chinese)

Miro 1 alle Sprachen

The second book brings an unexpected new friend to Miro. His class is getting an exchange student, and Miro is charged with helping her settle in. This book is currently only available in German, and both in print and as an ebook.

Neue Freunde für Miro

Miro 2 ist da

A Rogue’s Tale by Saoirse O’Mara

Age recommendations: 8+ (parts I + II), 10+ (part III)

Length: novella

This series of mystery books is set in a fantasy world. The two main characters Tayla and Govin couldn’t be more different: One a street urchin who steals to survive, the other a trainee for the City Guard. Yet they strike an unusual friendship and get to the bottom of mysterious crimes in Davon.

Each book contains a complete mystery that works as a stand-alone story, while the three books span Govin’s trainee year from beginning to end in an overlying story arch.

The books are currently only available as ebooks, and only in English. They are, in order:

The Lost Diadem (part I)

Trouble in the Mage Guild (part II)

Pirates, Pirates! (part III)

ART I-III with bookmarks

The Enchanted Garden by Saoirse O’Mara

Age recommendation: 5 – 10 years old

Length: 18 pages

The Enchanted Garden is a fairy tale set in Ireland. Benji loses his parents in an accident and is sent to Ireland to live with his grandparents. Settling down in this new life isn’t easy for him, but one day he comes face to face with mythical creatures who help him find his place in his new home.

The Enchanted Garden is only available as an ebook, and only in English.

The Enchanted Garden

the-enchanted-garden (2)_small


How to Write Children’s Books by Saoirse O’Mara


Length: 8 pages

This short booklet gives concise, hands-on advice on how to write children’s books. It’s available as an ebook in English only.

How to Write Children’s Books

Cover Childrens Books_small




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