Review 2016

So…2016. Come in, please. Let’s see…what’s bringing you here today?

–I have a bad bout of celebrities dying, and I’m afraid I’ve caught a severe form of political bullshittery.

I see. Well, let’s do some tests. Any deaths recently?

–Yeah, three just over Christmas.

Uh-huh. *scribbles* How long has this been going on?

–Since January, at least.

*scribbles some more* What about the bullshittery?

–*sighs* Brexit, Trump, Aleppo, Turkey…do I need to continue?

*puts down notepad* No, I think that’s enough. 2016, I hate to say it, but you’re in a pretty bad shape. Thinks don’t look well…Now, I have good and bad news for you.

–What’s the good news?

Your problems will be over soon.

–Oh, really? *looks hopeful* Oh…and the bad news?

You will die in four days. Sorry, mate.


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