Empty battery. Plug me in over night and I’ll partially charge, like a phone with a broken charger. Let me charge for more than the normal amount of time and you might get to 50% before the battery disconnects.

When is a lack of sleep still a lack of sleep? Is it still being tired if you’ve just spent 25 hours within 48 hours sleeping? I’m a drained shell and no amount of coffee can fill me up.

If you see me during a commute and my eyes are closed or look into the distance, if you think my eyes look empty and my face is slack, leave me alone. Don’t force me to pull myself back from where I was resting; I’ll be there when you need me.

Doctors can tell me what is not the reason yet no one knows what’s pulling the plug that prevents me from keeping my energy in, like a bathtub you try to fill while the plug is missing.

My body’s overreacting to possible problems, giving me pain when there’s nothing wrong to prevent me from being broken when I get older. Maybe fatigue works the same way, draining me to prevent problems from a lack of sleep.

Is “exhausted” a state of mind or a feeling? ‘cos there are days I’m not feeling anything else. Being drained is no fun, being not is hard work, sleeping 12 hours a day can’t be the solution.

I’m just like an old phone, please don’t throw me away just because I am broken. I swear, I still work, I just need more time to recharge.