Life with Chronic Illness: the good, the bad, the ugly–Today: Asthma

So while I’m writing this, I’m still recovering from an asthma attack–from laughing too hard. Yes, you read that right, laughing too hard, because, you know, I was actually enjoying something, caused me to start having trouble breathing. And when I tried to calm down my breathing, my eyes just spilled over. Have you ever tried to relax your breathing and throat while trying not to cry? Just don’t. Not a good choice to put on your bucket list.

Usually, my asthma is probably the one chronic problem that’s bothering me the least because I know my triggers (ha, ha, joke’s on me, just found a new one today), and they’re mostly easy to avoid: physical exercise (I’ve always hated running anyway, but it does make it hard to catch the bus sometimes), smoke (especially wood smoke, but cigarettes are bad as well), and sprayed chemicals (like deodorant–thank heavens for stick deodorants!). Cold air can lower the threshold of exercise I can take, as can “heavy” air (not sure how to describe it, I think it’s when there’s a high humidity).

Well, laughing hasn’t yet been on my list of things to avoid. Yet. Well, as much as I may dislike the thought, it might be time to visit a lung specialist again and check whether I need to be back on cortison on a daily basis. I celebrated when I didn’t need it anymore, probably ten years ago, after treatment for my allergies. Only have my emergency spray at home. Probably time for a check-up, though, as much as I hate visiting doctors (not because they’re bad but because it makes me feel like something is wrong with me, and honestly, because I’m scared shitless of some diagnosis methods and the treatments if they diagnose something, so I’m mostly trying to just get by without doctors instead of pushing for diagnoses).

Oh well, sent an email to make an appointment for a check-up.

The good in this episode? My loving and caring husband who made me a tea to calm down afterwards 🙂



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