My Journey to Sanskrit

So one of my university classes is basically a language course for classic Sanskrit. It streches across two semesters and ends with a written exam. According to my professor, this is the “make it or break it” module of this study subject (Historical Linguistics with focus on Indoeuropean languages). I will miss the first seven weeks of class due to work. Go me! Already talked to my professor about it, and he’s willing to let me try to catch up instead of kicking me out of the course since I’ll miss almost half the semester.

I’m dead set on proving to him that I can do it.

I ordered the course book and grammar book we’re going to use in class right after I talked to him and got the OK. They arrived today. Starting next week, I’ll have three weeks with almost no work, and no university (since classes start again mid-October). Sure, I still need to write two (well, one and a half) papers and study for an exam in October, but I’ll have time to get started on Sanskrit.

I’m not worried much about the grammar. What really worries me, though, is that I have to learn a new writing system. That was the biggest hurdle in my Arabic course last semester (there may well be even bigger hurdles, just that I never even managed to jump across this one).

I’ll keep you updated here (and yes, I know that I still need to get back on track with Chinese as well, failed that challenge gloriously, but at least I can say that I tried, and that I knew quite a few characters more than when I had started).


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