I’m on Patreon!

So those of you who know me know that this is a big step, one that I’ve not taken lightly, and I feel I should explain to you why I did it.

You see, Patreon is a crowdfunding website where people can pledge to pay a specific amount of money every time a creator publishes a new creation, or per month (creator’s choice when he sets up his page). There are musicians, short video creators, artists, photographers, comic artists, and also educators like me, some of which make thousands of dollars each creation/month.

Why am I on there?

I’ve started creating my own teaching materials a while ago, and I’m set on making them all available as OERs (open educational resources, so basically resources that may be used for free for educational purposes) under a Creative Commons licence. I don’t have as much time and energy for this as I’d like, though, and that’s why I set up a Patreon page. Every dollar pledged is a dollar less I’ll have to worry about earning, and thus every pledge helps reduce my stress and frees time and energy to create teaching materials.

I will continue creating materials whether or not I receive any pledges, but I don’t know how fast or slow it will be. If I get even one pledge for a dollar per month, I have to create at least one new material every month (and I will definitely try to create more), and I take suggestions and wishes for what to create next. I know that one material per month doesn’t sound like much, and it probably isn’t, but right now I still have to earn my complete living by teaching, and I’m still in university full-time as well, so I don’t have that much free time available. As (and if) my pledges grow, I will commit to more materials per month, but even without commitment I will try to turn out more.

So…if you think this is a worthy cause to support, or you just want to have someone create specific teaching materials for your ESL class, here’s my Patreon site: http://www.patreon.com/SaoirseOMara.


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