Update on My Newest Hobby: Conlanging

I realised that I left you pretty much hanging when it comes to my decision about my bachelor’s thesis. So here’s confirmation: I will write about my first conlang, with a part about the historical background of artificial languages and famous conlangs and auxlangs.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to keep you updated on my conlanging progress much here since I’d run the risk of getting help I can’t properly reference in my paper, so my professor and I decided that I should rather not blog about it while writing my paper. I will publish it afterwards, though, as soon as it’s been graded.

Both the professors I asked about mentoring me (there are two mentors/examiners for a bachelor’s thesis here in Germany who will both grade it in the end) are excited about my project, and I feel I couldn’t ask for better mentors: one of them is the head of our department of phonetics/phonology, and the other one teaches language variation, and has written a grammar of a rather unknown language as her PhD project (plus, she knows a lot about a ton of languages, and not just European languages).

Already got some valuable advice regarding my conlang from both of them, as well as some literature recommendations.

Anyway, for anyone interested in this topic, I can highly recommend the following books as starting points:

  • Okrent, Arika (2010): In the Land of Invented Languages. New York: Spiegel & Grau Trade Paperbacks.
  • Peterson, David J. (2015): The Art of Language Invention. New York: Penguin Books.
  • Rosenfelder, Mark (2010): The Language Construction Kit. Chicago: Yonagu Books.

Warning, though: You might find yourself in too deep to get back out again once this topic has sneaked its way into your mind and heart 😉


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