Coursera Certificates and Other Weekend Stuff

So today I learned that the Coursera certificates look pretty neat. I finished my first course of the Virtual Teacher Specialisation, “Foundations of Virtual Instruction”, and since I can use this for my job, I’m paying for the certificates. I already enrolled for the second  course but it won’t start until May 23. I can already access the materials, I just can’t take any of the quizzes or hand in the assignment yet.

Apart from the certificates, I found out that I can actually do something useful while playing League of Legends. With the volume set to “mute” and the Coursera videos (which are mostly just audio without important imagery) in the background, I can game and study at the same time. That’s how I won a chest and a key fragment on Hexakill while finishing up the course.

The medieval market at Rathaus Lichtenberg was more of a family festival than what I’m used to as a medieval market around here. Still, it was a nice way to spend the afternoon, and we got some great compliments for our clothing (we were among maybe ten people in medieval clothing, apart from the people working the stalls).

And the new gamer in my pen and paper group has her character ready to go after spending Saturday afternoon on creating it, on my couch, with my help (first time in this system).

So yeah, all in all, a pretty great weekend, I’d say 🙂


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