TEFL Course Status: COMPLETE

I just received the last feedback for my TEFL course. That’s it, I’m done. I have my overall grade, plucked in my name and address into that end-of-course survey, and will receive my TEFL certificate shortly (will be dispatched within 7 days so it should be here within two weeks).

The course was definitely useful even though I have been teaching English as a foreign language to adult learners since 2012. I got some more in-depth knowledge about how to structure the different kinds of skills lessons (although I could have done without having to create a very detailed lesson plan–the most I usually do is take some notes to plan my next lessons), and I now have proof of knowing what I’m doing (which, in Germany, is actually pretty important–forget all that experience you have if you can’t show the right certificate).

I know I got lucky with my teaching positions, and I kind of feel like paying them back for their trust not only in teaching well (apparently, judging from my students’ reactions–just today, one of them wrote me “I love you” as an example sentence for the structure “I love x”^^) but also in obtaining an official certificate they can show to “the outside” if anyone ever asks about their teachers’ qualifications.

So thank you, Dagmar, Stefan, and Herbert, for trusting me with all the courses I’ve taught for you so far, and for the great support and working atmosphere. I really enjoy teaching, and working together with you.

Oh, just in case anyone was wondering: 97%. =^.^=


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