Finished up my TEFL Course

So yesterday evening, I finally submitted my last assignment for grading. Sure, chances are I won’t reach the minimum of 45% and have to resubmit it, but honestly, that possibility is very slim. So I feel that I can confidently say that I finished my TEFL course and will soon be a certified teacher for English as a foreign language.

Now, somehow I expected to feel more…accomplished? Proud? Different? Don’t know…maybe that will set in when I finally have my shiny certificate in my hands. Or it won’t. I mean, I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language to adult learners at our community colleges since 2012. It’s not that some big changes are ahead now that I will get my certificate.

I guess the only thing that will change is that I can finally prove that I’m an English teacher. “Prove” meaning that I can shove a certificate in someone’s face if my experience isn’t enough for them. Just in case. You see, I’ve run into that problem before, that someone couldn’t (or wouldn’t) hire me because I didn’t have a shiny certificate saying I’m an English teacher although I could prove I had experience. Sorry, no certificate, no job… Yep, that’s Germany in a nutshell for you.

I got lucky with my current bosses that they took the “chance” to hire me even without a formal proof, and believed my experience and other qualifications were good enough.

So, what does it actually mean to get my certificate? I mean, for me personally? Maybe proof that I’m not delusional, that I actually know what I’m doing when I stand in front of a class full of people and try to help them master the English language one step at a time.


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