Working With an Editor

The first of my A Rogue’s Tale books is currently in editing stage for publication with The Dragon’s Rocketship Publishing. It’s the first time I’ve been working together with an editor like this, because a) usually I was the editor for other authors, and b) although my books had beta readers and a great proofreader, they didn’t have a real editor.

So here are a few random observations:

1) I’m happy she didn’t find more things to object to! Phew, I must have done a decent job with my beta readers and proofreader.

2) Another set of eyes for any text apparently can’t hurt because she actually found a few mistakes that had previously escaped all of us.

3) Some of her comments and questions really got me thinking about the story and the characters, which is good!

4) Word can be an asshole if you’re sending older files to a newer version! Apparently, my Word 2013 is “too good” to properly work with an old .doc file. Track Changes, the most valuable invention since coffee (at least if you ask editors), didn’t work properly the first time I got the manuscript back from her since my Word basically accepted everything, didn’t show any of my changes, and decided showing comments (from either person) would be enough of its duty. We solved the problem for the second round of editing, but boo, Word 2013!

So kudos and thank you to my fabulous editor Charlotte Cowie! I couldn’t have wished for a better set of eagle eyes to go through my manuscript and challenge some of my phrases and choices. I’m already looking forward to working with you on the other two parts as well! 🙂


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