The Chinese Challenge (3)

The vocabulary test today focused on the more recent vocabulary. I still have so many gaps! So despite me knowing a total of about 100 words by now (including compounds and single characters), it feels like I’m never reaching my goal. I know, it’s stupid since I already know about 100 words more than three weeks ago, and it’s already more than a third of the total vocabulary for this challenge, but it still feels like I’m failing my own expectations. *sigh* I guess that’s why I named this blog the way I did, to remind myself to be less strict with myself.

Anyway, some of the mistakes were as small as using the wrong tone, or forgetting a small stroke somewhere. I even finally got a character right that’s been eluding me from the beginning!

Using mental images and silly little mnemonics (like “tea lifts up your spirits, so the tone of the word goes up”) really helps me to remember those words, but I can’t seem to come up with them for just every word. Not yet, at least. I’m trying to get there. But boy, memorising 3,000 characters seems daunting, and yet that’s the approximate amount of characters a Chinese speaker needs to read his daily newspaper.

So…any virtual hugs or kicks in the butt while I try to come up with some more mnemonics for words I can’t seem to remember?


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