A New Hobby (read: Obsession)? Maybe.

So a few tiny hours ago I was made aware of the fact that language creation is actually something people do (think Tolkien’s languages Sindarin and Quenya, or Star Trek’s Klingon, or Game of Throne’s Dothraki, to name a few famous examples), and not just a few linguistic nuts, but a whole lot of people–often for nothing else but fun! It’s called conlanging (from constructed languages), and there’s even a society dedicated to it in the USA: the Language Creation Society. Go check them out!

So…I just bought some books about language construction from Amazon, and am very curious to read them (not that there are any other books waiting to be read…), and I’m already starting to form some ideas in my brain. So I guess I’ll create yet another category on this blog and see where my brain leads me. Will I actually create a whole new language? Who knows? Maybe. And hey, why the heck not? Tolkien was a historical linguist, I’m studying German and historical linguistics…

Can you create a new language as your bachelor’s thesis? I mean, I already have a topic, but…creating my own language would apply more of what I’ve learned at university so far. Plus, we have a professor who admitted she admires Tolkien and wants to learn his languages one day. So I guess I’d even know which professor to approach about it. And the other project…who says I can’t do that as well? Just without handing it in anywhere?

Can you all say “crazy”? Yes? Yep, see, that’s me in a nutshell. Ah well…what can I say? I love languages.


4 thoughts on “A New Hobby (read: Obsession)? Maybe.

  1. Hooray, a new conlanger! Welcome! 😀 We’re a (crazy) crowd here, so you should fit right in. The LCS is technically international, by the way – at least us members are. If you have any questions about conlanging, feel free to ask.

    I’m not sure about the thesis, though I believe some people have done something like that before. You should definitely ask that prof, she sounds cool.


    1. Thanks for the warm welcome! 🙂 As a fact, I am writing my B.A. thesis about my first conlang now (with some part of background info on conlanging in the introduction), with both profs who mentor me being excited about the project 😀 I feel like I have the jackpot regarding help since one of them is the head of our phonetics/phonology department, and the other one teaches about language variation and knows a ton of languages. I’m not allowed to blog about my project-in-progress, though, since I’d run the risk of getting help I can’t then reference properly, which could get me into trouble with our examination office. Will definitely blog about my experience afterwards, though. 🙂


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