The Chinese Challenge (1)

During our Easter holiday, I made a deal with my husband: If I know all the Chinese characters and words for HSK 1 (the first of two elementary language levels, roughly equivalent to CEFR A1) by heart by the end of May, I’ll get a small reward.

HSK 1, that means 150 words consisting of a total of 178 characters. Each character has its own meaning, of course. So that’s a total of 250 words (178 characters plus 72 words with more than one character).

So far, I know about 70 of them (with correct pronunciation and correct character). I know a few more with either the correct pronunciation or the correct character. Some of the characters are easy, some have more than 10 strokes, the most complext character for HSK 1 has a total of 15 strokes!

My longterm goal is to pass the HSK exam next year at least up to HSK 3 (which would mean knowing 600 words), and try the oral exam for elementary level (HSK 1/2).

I have exercise books for practising writing, I have two posters with the vocabulary of HSK 1 and 2 (behind me on our living room wall), I have flashcards with all words for HSK 1 and 2, and I have three different textbooks (two of them with audio CD) for roughly HSK 1 and 2 level. On top of that, I already have exam preparation books for HSK 1, 2 and 3. Somewhere, I also have a Chinese learner’s grammar, but in order to be able to work with that, I have to know more characters first.

So…who’s cheering me on? Please leave me comments if you do so that I know that there are crazy people out there rooting for me while I do my crazy Chinese challenge ^^ I will keep you updated on my progress!


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