Interview with the Dragon Queen

Hi Nikki. You are sometimes called “The Dragon Queen”. Can you tell us how you came to have this nickname?

When The Dragon’s Rocketship was born someone started saying I was the Queen instead of just the owner. I don’t recall who said it first but someone called me The Dragon Queen and since then I have loved it! I mean who doesn’t like dragons and want to be royalty?

That’s cool! So, what is The Dragon’s Rocketship, and how can our readers board it?

The Dragon’s Rocketship is a Facebook group that was created on February 6th, 2014. It was a place that was created to provide a home for fantasy and science fiction lovers, geeks, writers, readers, and what not, where rules everyone was welcome to share practically anything that interested them. You can join at

But that’s not all. Just recently, you created The Dragon’s Rocketship Publishing. Tell us something about it 🙂

Yes, as of February 1st this year The Dragon’s Rocketship Publishing, LLC was born. Authors of novels, short stories, or anthologies that are science fiction, fantasy, thriller, mystery, or horror (or any sub-genre included in those) are allowed to submit their stories. We wanted a place that could help authors grow, instead of just providing a blanket rejection letter or no response at all. The only way for authors to grow is to know why they weren’t accepted and how to improve.

This sounds like a great and very author-friendly concept. Are you already all set up, or is there something fans can help you with?

We have almost everything set up, we have the website:, we have the subcontractors, the contracts, the lawyer. The problem is all of that came out of my business partner, Mandi, and my pockets. Unfortunately there are still more funds that need to be met in order to make sure that The Dragon’s Rocketship Publishing is the best it can possibly be. We started an Indiegogo Campaign to help raise some of the money

So where will the money go? Do you have concrete plans for using the raised money?

The money will help with the cost of Universal ISBNs per book, website costs, a new printer to help print out all the contracts, submissions, paperwork required, the annual LLC filing fee, an accountant for tax season, marketing for the authors, and hopefully much more.

Great, thanks. Okay, let’s come to the really important question: Is there any swag available for The Dragon’s Rocketship fans?

Right now we have two options where people can buy neat items AND help TDR Publishing raise money for our Indiegogo.

The first is Society6:

The second is Redbubble:

It’s not nearly as much money as just hitting “Donate”, but this way people get the instant gratification of buying something instead of waiting.

And I have to say, I love my new TDR coffee mug! Thanks for this interview, Nikki. Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

We have a Charity anthology going on right now, so even if you’re not ready to publish a novel, please check out the anthology that we are doing to raise money for The Doves Program, a program against Domestic Violence. All the details can be found on

Thanks a lot, Your Majesty!



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