Story of Vi’s Death (LoL fanfic)

It was a day like every other: drab, rainy, and boring. And it had started with an argument with Officer Caitlyn–again.
Vi was standing on top of a high building overlooking the city of Piltover, angry and with the intense need to punch something–or someone, when it happened. A scream somewhere in the streets that abruptly stopped. Vi focused on the streets, and when her eye caught a movement, she jumped. She knew the best route down, jumping from roof to roof until she hit the dirty street from where the scream had come. No sign of violence. No body. No blood. Confused, she looked around. Then, from the corner of her eyes, she spotted a figure moving away. The hunt was on.

Caitlyn looked out of the window. From her office, she had a nice view over part of Piltover. All she could see now was the heavy curtain of rain, though. She sighed and turned back to her paperwork. Vi…what am I supposed to do with you? She shook her head to clear the thoughts of today’s argument from it, got up, and fetched herself another cup of coffee. It was true that Vi brought in more criminals than any other member of the Piltover Police Force, but her measures were questionable more often than not.
While she was standing in the kitchen waiting for her coffee to brew, her boss peeked in. “Caitlyn, what are you doing here? I thought you were on patrol with Officer Vi?”
“We blew it again this morning and she just stormed off, so instead of wasting my time trying to find her, I decided to write those reports you’re still waiting for.”
Her boss watched her as she poured the coffee. She offered him a cup too, and when he accepted it, he said, “Cait, I know Vi isn’t always easy to deal with, but look, you two are partners. You should really put your differences behind and start acting like partners. Finish your coffee, and then go out and find her. The reports can wait, but I can’t have two of my best officers either collide or avoid each other.”
With that, he turned around and left Caitlyn to her thoughts again.

Vi was chasing someone through the streets of Piltover. She wasn’t even sure who it was or what he or she had done; all she knew was that that chase revived her. She was finally able to get rid of her frustration and anger that had been boiling inside her the whole day. Stupid Caitlyn…who’s getting her all those arrests? Who’s helping her career move forward? And all she’s doing is complaining about the way I do things…argh!
She rounded another corner and ended in a cul-de-sac. Empty. She frowned and looked around. Carefully, she moved forward, one step at a time. Her senses were on alert. Something felt wrong…

Caitlyn took her time sipping her coffee. She didn’t really want to leave the office on a day like this, especially since she knew it was futile trying to find Vi if she didn’t want to be found. Eventually, she pushed herself up, took her hat, and left the building. It had been an order, so there was no getting around it anyway. The sooner she found Vi, the sooner she would be able to return to the dry comfort of her office to finish that report.
As she walked through the streets, memories of her patrols with Vi flashed back to her. Vi complaining about the rain causing problems with her gauntlets, and how she had helped her fix them again. That was when she had seen Vi smile for the first time. Another memory of how Vi had saved a little girl from being smashed by a heavy flower pot, and how they had later rambled about how people found it sensible to keep something like that on the window sill. “They should define flower pots as weapons”, Vi had joked. The memory made Caitlyn chuckle even now.
With a sudden sense of urgency, she quickened her steps. She wanted to find Vi, to apologize for earlier.

When Vi had made her way about halfway into the drury cul-de-sac, she heard movement behind her. “Caitlyn?” No answer. Shit, I should have taken her with me…she always has my back. Slowly, Vi turned around, ready to charge whoever was behind her. But the street was empty. Someone is playing with me…
“Jinx? Come out, I know it’s you!”, she yelled while turning a full circle scanning the area.
No response. Vi waited for a while longer, but when nothing else happened, she turned her back to the cul-de-sac and started moving to its entrance. That’s when she heard the clicking sound of a pistol being readied–right behind her.

The shot echoed through the streets in downtown Piltover. Caitlyn froze, and then ran. She ran as if her own life were at stake, and maybe it was… Terrible images of her partner dead in some alley formed in her mind, only to be confirmed when she rounded yet another corner. There she was, slumped down against a wall, her gauntlets lying next to limp arms, eyes shut.
Caitlyn was on her knees, hugging her dead partner to her chest, before she realised. Tears streamed down her face, mixing with the rain, but she didn’t care. This was her fault. Had she not argued with Vi earlier, Vi wouldn’t have left the police station alone, and then she wouldn’t have been shot like this…
“I’m so sorry, Vi… I should have been here with you… This is all my fault…”, she sobbed.

Somewhere in the distance, a figure in the shadows cleaned a pistol and grinned.


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