Pro Life vs. Pro Choice? Pro Women’s Rights!

I usually try to stay out of heated debates like this, but maybe that’s the problem. Maybe not enough of us are actually voicing our opinion, demanding to be heard, demanding our rights.

Yes, you guessed right, I’m pro choice. And I’ll tell you why.

This whole discussion shouldn’t be about fetal rights, it should be about women’s rights. What most people are doing is discussing the aggressors, and whether or not they should be allowed to continue. Whether or not they are worthy of protection from their victims. The aggressors that seize control of their victims’ bodies, force their victims’ bodies to adjust and accomodate them even if that means causing harm to the bodies. They feed off their victims, heck, they may even threaten their victims’ lives.

And yet, if one of those victims tries to get rid of the aggressor, if they try to get control of their own bodies back, they are labelled murderers. They are shamed, they are threatened, they are told the actions of the aggressor were their own fault. You know what that reminds me of? Rape and the victim-blaming our society is so quick with.

“Well, what did you expect, going out dressed like that?”, sounds pretty much like this: “Well, what did you expect, having sex?”

It’s blaming the victims for what happened to them, and thus putting all the blame of their following actions on them as well. Those poor, poor aggressors. How dare you report him for raping you? You’ll ruin his life with this! How dare you get an abortion? You’ll kill the fetus with this!

Stop! Stop blaming the victims, stop shaming them into letting others use their bodies and be quiet about it. If a woman gets an abortion, it’s not murder. It’s self-defense. It’s the woman exerting her right to not let anyone use her body in any way without her consent. Sadly, you can’t just talk to a fetus to let go, to go away. You have to use some form of violence that will, as a result, kill the fetus.

Some pro-life activists cite the very same law that I will cite: The right to life and physical integrity. Just with one major difference: I acknowledge that the fetus violates the woman’s right to life and physical integrity before she even has a chance to violate his. Thus, a woman getting an abortion is acting in self-defense, trying to protect her life and physical integrity that is guaranteed to her by human rights. To deny this right of self-defense to her would open the door to every aggressor suing every victim that ever dared to fight back, that dared not to comply with having done to him or her whatever the aggressor wanted. Thus, it would completely hollow out the very right pro-life activists are trying to use to defend the aggressor’s life.

That being said, yes, I’m pro choice. Because that’s the only logical choice if you believe in human rights and in protecting victims while punishing the aggressors of crimes. Every woman should have the right to choose whether she wants to carry out a fetus or not, because denying her that right would mean denying her a basic human right. And no, this decision has NOTHING to do with whether the woman knowingly risked the aggression (in this case, had sex). Stop blaming the victims. Human rights don’t come with a caveat of “well, only if she behaved properly and morally in the beliefs of group X”. Human rights are universal, and the only way to partially and temporarilly lose them is to break them in the first place. That’s why self-defense laws exist. To give us the power to defend our human rights against aggressors.


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