TEFL Workshop

I spent my weekend in a meeting room in a fancy hotel somewhere near Berlin Tiergarten, together with eleven other people. What united us? The wish to teach English (in the case of our teacher, not just the wish), and to gain an official certificate. The workshop was from the TEFL Academy (TEFL = teaching English as a foreign language) and goes together with a 100-h online course for a total of 120 hours of instruction and practise teaching. Instructions included method training, grammar, lesson planning, and peer and teacher feedback and an exchange of experiences and ideas.

Although it was really exhausting (10 hours per day from 9 am to 7 pm), the atmosphere was great–thanks to the great people in the workshop! Even I, with almost three and a half years of experience teaching English for adults at local community colleges, and even more experience tutoring, could take away some useful and new skills. Kudos to our teacher as well for allowing me to chime in so much with my own teaching experience.

I’m looking forward to staying in touch with some of them, and really wish them all the best and lots of fun teaching English, no matter where they will end up (one of them wants to go to South America, another one to Vietnam…good luck, guys!). I hope they will all get out of it what they are hoping for, and will experience teaching (whether it be children or adults, general English or business English, beginners, intermediate level or advanced learners) as a very rewarding job.


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