League of Legends Cosplays

So shortly after I started playing League of Legends, I also started cosplaying. By now, I’ve cosplayed three different LoL champions: Secret Agend Xin Zhao, a female version of Twisted Fate (for the EU LCS Finals viewing party), and my own creation of Sinful Succulence Vi. The cosplays may not be perfect, but from what I’ve been told, the champions are recognisable, and that’s praise enough ^^ Plus, it has been great fun every time 🙂

The cats in the third photo are ours, and yes, they were trying to get into the donuts… 😉

I haven’t yet decided who I’ll cosplay next, but I still have two more wigs: a long purple one, and a long black one. Now if only I were more apt with crafting…


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