League of Legends: A Player Typology 2

My first typology kind of focused on player types that are or can be rather frustrating to play with, so today I want to focus on player types that are actually nice to play with.

The Casual ADC

This is usually someone who’s either unfamiliar with the role, or not that good at it. Maybe he’s practising, maybe he had to pick it because it was the only role left. Anyway, the most striking difference to the MAIN ADC from my last post is that the casual ADC usually appreciates his support and may even write things like “gj” or *gasp* “thanks” in chat. Even if they’re not always good with farming during the laning phase, they can still become valuable assets in team fights if they’re paired with a good support and survive bot lane more or less.

The Main Support

Granted, this species of players is kind of rare. If you happen to get one of these in your game, though, rejoice. They know the warding game and will maintain vision while simultaneously clearing enemy vision. Often, they can save their ADC even if the ADC made a mistake or the enemy made a good play (with or without the enemy jungler), and the main support will happily die for his ADC if that means the ADC gets out alive. They know their champ and know how and when to engage and set up plays for their team, and it’s very rare that they tilt and start flaming. Show them some love and appreciation and it will make their day, since they’re used to being flamed at (for dying, for example, even though it was to save their team mates) or taken for granted.

The Attentive Midlaner

Nothing endears you more to your jungler than to react quickly and without getting pinged at first if your jungler is ganked in his own jungle. The attentive midlaner, thus, is every jungler’s best friend, and can usually count on getting blue buffs in return. If he sees an opening for a gank, he pings and/or writes in chat, and then continues farming until the jungler shows up. He will also warn the jungler of wards, and he pings warnings if the enemy midlaner starts roaming. If he can, he will follow his midlaner. Whenever the attentive midlaner is ahead and sees an opportunity, he will help out top or botlane to help getting them ahead as well.

The Teamplay Jungler

Teamplay junglers are often jungle mains with a great map awareness. They keep their eyes open for ganking opportunities, track buff and drake timers, help with warding and ward clearing, and ping warnings for their laners if they spot the enemy jungler on his way to a lane. In most cases, they will give their blue buffs (except the first one, which they need for experience and clearing help) to their mage midlaner. They will try to set up plays just like the main support, and if they’re playing a tank, they will often sacrifice their life to get their team out alive. Teamplay junglers’s KDA ratio often shows a high number of assists and low kills because they will give away kills to their laners whenever possible and necessary to get the laners ahead.

The TP Saviour

This toplaner has teleport, and he will use it. Usually to gank botlane or to quickly travel to any place on the map to defend towers or help team mates. The enemy team has to take extra care to clear unwelcome wards because the toplaner will probably take advantage of them sooner or later. If a team mate is in trouble, all he has to do is to ping for help and put a ward down (if there’s no TP-able ward nearby). The TP saviour might fall behind in farm due to TP roaming, but he will usually make up for the lack of farm by kills and assists, and by helping his team mates snowball. Sometimes, though, this toplaner may over-estimate his tankiness or damage output and overstay his welcome. If there is an opportunity for it later in the game, this laner will try to backdoor while the enemy team is engaged elsewhere.


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