League of Legends: A Player Typology

So I started playing League of Legends, an online MOBA, in March last year. I was on break from university, had plenty of time, and managed to level up to level 30 fairly quickly thanks to lots of well-meant and mostly useful advice from old and new friends. I went ranked soon after reaching level 30 and managed to be placed in Silver V much to my own surprise, because granted, I wasn’t playing that well yet. Long story short, I continued playing a lot (mostly normals though, and team ranked with some friends), improving, learning new champions, got coaching from a Platinum main jungler for a while, and found my main roles (jungler and support). I’ve improved in farming though I still have a kind of weak early-game with most champs, but I can come back, and I play some champions that can snowball rather impressively.

Since I started playing, I’ve met a whole bunch of different player types; some fun to play with, others not so much. Take this typology with a grain of salt (or two), refrain from reporting me, and let me know in the comments if I missed some types (I definitely do since I only chose one per role, and yes, I’ve met all of them ingame, and even been one of them every now and then…*hint: the last two*).

The Main ADC–and I Mean MAIN ADC

Plays overly aggressive and blames the support when he dies–not noticing nor acknowledging the countless times the support saved his ass before. If the support dares to kill a minion, he flames–even when the support has relic shield. Whenever the support dies (usually to save the ADC’s life after an overly aggressive play), he writes something like “noob” or “stop feeding” in chat. However, if he gets a kill (or, lo and behold, a double kill), he lets his and the enemy team know how great he is and they should tremble before him because he’s a “diamond smurf” and has “da skillz”.

The Forced Support

Usually got forced into the role because he wasn’t fast enough in game lobby or was last-pick. Depending on his favoured role, he will either play a mid champ, typical top champ, jungler, or a second ADC. Some of the champs would be viable and well-working supports if he actually played the support role, but since he didn’t want to play the support, he won’t build or play like a support. Sure, he might not farm in lane early-game, but items like a sightstone are usually below his dignity since warding is for pussies. If his team asks him to provide vision (as it is usually mainly the support’s job), he will flame them. He will proceed to build his champ the same way as he would if he had got his favoured role and will do his best getting as many kills as possible. If, in the end, he ends up with a better kill score than his ADC, he will mock him with “adc support”, “noob adc, support more kills” or something like that.

The Midlane God

The Rift is his, as is the blue buff, and the jungler’s only job is to help him get early buffs and to snowball. He usually starts pinging for a gank before the 5-minute-mark, and will start flaming if he hasn’t got a single “gank” (meaning kill with the help of his jungler) within a minute (or less) of asking for assistance. If the jungler decides to take the blue buffs for himself (either because he needs them, or because the midlaner has been non-stop flaming him for the past five minutes), he complains about the jungler “stealing his blue” and asks “report jungler, no help” in all chat. Of course, if he loses his lane, it’s only the jungler’s fault for not ganking (enough). Will threaten with going afk after getting killed for the first time because “noob team, no help, game lost”. Alternatively, he will ask to surrender at minute twenty because “gj team, game lost, noobs”.

The AFK-Farming Jungler

The wildcard in my set. He picks a champ like Master Yi and starts building devourer. Get a good look at him in base when the game starts, because chances are that’s the only time you will see him for the next twenty minutes. If you’re lucky, he will actually get an early drake for your team; if you’re not, he will die trying while helping the enemy midlaner or ADC to start snowballing. He won’t give away any of his buffs even though he’s not actually helping his team with them simply because he wants the stacks for his devourer. If and when he gets his devourer sated, he may proceed farming because the jungle is a nice place, or he may actually explode on the enemy team and play a pivotal role in winning this game. Usually not a flamer as long as you leave him alone and don’t ever ping for assistance.

The Toplane Tank

Tanks need some time and items to become tanky. Of course, your toplaner knows that; the enemy toplaner knows that, too. So they will silently agree to ignore each other and farm up until they feel confident enough to engage the other laner. What they usually forget is the fact that by then, the enemy toplaner will also be tanky so their trade turns out about even. Tanks don’t do much damage while being able to take a lot. After a few pointless trades, they will continue to farm next to each other. Since they’re so far away from drake or from any of the action starting in the bottom half of the map, they will often continue farming in lane well beyond the twenty-minute-mark. No one really knows what to expect of them when they finally decide to enter team fights, not even themselves. You’re lucky if you have the fed Nasus in your team, but chances are that the enemy toplaner actually snowballs a lot more with farm than your own team’s toplaner.


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